Daniel Allen


Daniel Allen, also known as “El Congo”, was born in Cuba . He began studying trumpet at the age of 9 at the Music School in Holguin, later continuing his education at the Music Conservatory in Holguin City and the Music University in Havana. During his time in Havana, he had the opportunity to meet renowned musicians such as Herbie Hancock, Nicholas Payton, Danilo Perez, and Kenny Baron at the International Jazz Festival in Cuba. Daniel’s journey led him to New Orleans after being invited by Donald Harrison, but visa issues redirected him to Europe.

Throughout his career, Daniel has toured extensively with various artists, including Patrice, Jimi Tenor, Tony Allen, Aloe Blacc, Orlando Julius, Gentleman,  Samy Deluxe and many others. His performances have taken him to numerous festivals and venues across Europe and beyond.

In addition to his performances, Daniel has taken on roles such as Vice Director of the Cross-Culture Agency, No Boundaries e.V., where he has been involved in arts projects in Cuba, Senegal, New Zealand, and Germany. He has also composed music for various events and projects, including jingles for poetry festivals and soundtracks for theatrical productions.

Daniel is also a band leader and organizer, and Curator.


Jimi Tenor: Since 2006 he joined the Jimi Tenor backing band ‘KabuKabu’ bringing his talent in many performances at the Tony Allen & Jimi Tenor Project, playing all over Europe:

Jimi Leichtathletik WM / Berlin – Germany Jimi – Sonar / Barcelona- Spain

Jimi Usadba Jazz Festival / Russia

Jimi CudaWianki 2010 – Gdynia / Poland Jimi Stadio Picchi / Livorno – Italy

Jimi Villa Ada Park/ Roma- Italy

Tony Allen

2009 – Record release “ Inspiration information 4” Jimi & Tony Helsinki – Flow Festival/ Finland

Jimi & Tony Synch Festival – Athens /Greece

Jimi & Tony Basel – Kaserne/ Switzerland

Jimi & Tony Strasbourg Museum of Modern Arts / France Jimi & Tony Nijmengen – Music Meeting

Jimi & Tony Bern – Reitschule/ Germany

Jimi & Tony La Villette Jazz Festival Paris / France

Aloe Blacc: From 2011 – 2014 he has joined the renowned American singer and composer ‘Aloe Blacc’ in his band performing the Horn Section called Machete Horns on his world tour: France- Caen/Rennes- Papillions du Nuit Festival

France- St Brieuc- Artrock

France- Paris Taratata (promo)

France- Arras- Main Square Festival

France- Rennes Hit West Radio (promo)

France- Renault Show, Paris – TBC

France- Argeles sur Mer (Toulouse)

France- Nice Jazz Festival

France- Big Festival

France- Presqu’ile de Crozon- Bout Du Monde Festival France- St Florent (Corsica Island)- Porto Latino

France- Hyeres/Toulon- Les Voix du Gaou Belgium- Werchter- Rock Werchter Holland- Zwolle

Holland- The Hague- The Hague Jazz Festival Holland- Tilburg- Mundial

UK- Cambridge- Trinity Hall Ball

UK- Glastonbury (West Holts Stage)

UK- ParisSolidays

Uk -Hop Farm

UK- Hereford- Big Chill

Uk -V Festival -Sunday 21st V Festival

UK- Somerset House

Switzerland- Montreux- Montreux Jazz Festival Switzerland- Nr Bern- Gurten Festival

Austria- Vienna- Nova Jazz and Blues

Austria- Feldkirch Poolbar

Germany- Ferropolis- Splash Festival Germany- Stuttgart- SWR3 Seefest (promo) Germany-Michelberger Festival Berlin Germany- Hamburg

Germany- Berlin- NRJ Live Bash

Poland – Promo Wurzburg

Poland – Promo TBC

Italy- August, Bari, Locus Festival

Italy – Monforte D’Alba

Spain- San Sebastian- Heineken Jazzaldia

Spain – Ibiza

Portugal – July Cool Jazz Festival


Sweden- Gothenburg

Finland- Helsinki- Pori Jazz

Lithuania- Nr Vilnius- Festival Tamsta Muzika Brazil – Back2Black Festival

Gentleman: In 2018 he joined Gentleman and the Evolution Band.

Festivals 2018 GENTLEMAN

May 25 – Spain, Jerez de la Frontera, Primavera Trompetera

Jun 02 – Germany, Mannheim, Zeltfesitval Rhein-Neckar Jun 15 – Austria, Nickelsdorf, Nova Rock

Jul 07 – Germany, Cologne, Summerjam

Jul 08 – Poland, Ostróda, Ostróda Reggae Festival

Jul 12 – Poland, Szczecin, Szczecin Music Fest

Jul 14 – Sweden, Mörbylånga, Öland Roots

Jul 18 – Germany, Rosenheim, Rosenheim Sommerfestival Jul 20 – Switzerland, Degen, Open Air Lumnezia

Jul 27 – Germany, Markdorf, Jubiläums Open Air

Jul 28 – Germany, Trier, Amphitheater Open Air

Aug 03 – Switzerland, Biel/Bienne, Lakelive Festival

Aug 18 – Germany, Salzgitter, Kultursommer

Aug 24 – Slovakia, Bratislava, Uprising Festival

Aug 26 – Netherlands, Amsterdam, Reggae Lake Festival Sep 01 – Germany, Gießen, Gießener Kultursommer

Tour 2018

Nov 01 – Germany, Wiesbaden, Schlachthof Nov 03 – Germany, Lingen, Emslandhallen Nov 04 – Germany, Hannover, Swiss Life Hall Nov 05 – Germany, Berlin, Columbiahalle

Nov 07 – Germany, Bremen, Pier 2

Nov 09 – Germany, Stuttgart, Porsche-Arena Nov 10 – Germany, Leipzig, Haus Auensee

Nov 14 – Germany, Hamburg, Sporthalle

Nov 15 – Germany, Bielefeld, Ringlokschuppen Nov 17 – Switzerland, Zurich, Halle 622

Nov 20 – Germany, Bochum, RuhrCongress Nov 21 – Germany, Ulm, Ratiopharm Arena Nov 22 – Germany, Kassel, Kongress Palais Nov 26 – Germany, Munich, Zenith

Nov 27 – Germany, Freiburg, Sick-Arena

Dec 01 – Germany, Cologne, Palladium

 Gentleman Winter tour 2018

28.10. SUN Bottrop – SET UP

29.10. MON Bottrop – REHEARSAL DR

30.10. TUE Bottrop – REHEARSAL DR, MJ, CL

31.10. WED Bottrop – REHEARSAL DR, MJ, CL

01.11. THU Wiesbaden – Schlachthof DR, MJ, CL

03.11. SAT Lingen – EmslandArena DR, MJ, CL

04.11. SUN OFFDAY Berlin DR, MJ, CL

05.11. MON Berlin – Columbiahalle DR, MJ, CL

07.11. WED Bremen – Pier 2 DR, MJ, CLx

09.11. FRI Stuttgart – Porsche-Arena DR, MJ, CL

10.11. SAT Leipzig – Haus Auensee DR, MJ, CL

15.11. THU Bielefeld – Lokschuppen DR, MJ, CM

16.11. FRI OFFDAY Weil am Rhein DR, MJ, CM

17.11. SAT Zurich – Halle 622 DR, MJ, CM

18.11. SUN OFFDAY home DR, MJ, CM

20.11. TUE Bochum – RuhrCongress DR, MJ, CM

21.11. WED Ulm – ratiopharm arena – Oxx Klub DR, MJ, CM

22.11. THU Kassel – Kongress Palais DR, MJ, CM

01.12. SAT Cologne – Palladium DR, MJ, CL

02.12. SUN Cologne – Palladium D

Samy Deluxe: In 2018 he recorded the SamTV Unplugged Album and DVD and tours with Samy Deluxe and the DLX Ensemble Samy since than.

SAMY DELUXE & das DLX Ensemble präsentieren: SaMTV Unplugged live 2019

21.03.19 Bielefeld – Lokschuppen

22.03.19 Lingen – Emsland Arena

23.03.19 Dortmund – Warsteiner Music Hall 24.03.19 Köln – Palladium

 26.03.19 Wiesbaden – Schlachthof 27.03.19 Erlangen – Heinrich Lades Halle 28.03.19 Würburg – Posthallen

29.03.19 München – Tonhalle

30.03.19 Bremen – Pier2

01.04.19 Hannover – Capitol

02.04.19 Berlin – C-Halle

Stuttgart – Kessel Festival Trier – Porta Negra

München – Tollwood Tuttlingen – Honberg Sommer – Laupheim – Summernight

– Cuxhaven – Deichbrand Festival – CH Luzern – Blue Balls Festival

– Freiburg – ZMF

– Bochum – ZFR

– Osnabrück – Schlossgarten Open Air – Großpösna – Higflied Festival

– Gießen – Kultursommer

– Aalen – Stadthalle

– Leverkusen – Forum Leverkusen – Ingoldstadt – Stadttheater

– Hamburg – Barclaycard Arena